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Fields of Application

Fields of Application


The range of water streams to which the EFC can be applied is immense. In theory it can treat any water stream containing dissolved salts and even organics, producing extremely clean water and a high purity product. Examples are:

- Recovery of valuable inorganics from a process or a wastewater stream.
- Reducing the salt content of a wastewater stream to improve water reuse strategies.
- Treatment of reverse osmosis retentates.
- Solution mining of salt deposits.
- Treatment of mine tailings.

The benefits of using the EFC process are in many cases twofold. In the first place the problem of having a wastewater stream (e.g. disposal costs, loss of water, etc.) is solved. Secondly, the user of the EFC process is able to recover (valuable) products from its wastewater. The latter characteristic makes that the EFC process is not only a wastewater treatment technology, it can be seen as a high quality salt production process as well.

In the past years extensive work has been done to study the behavior of various real industrial waste streams under EFC conditions and in all cases positive and useful results were obtained. The knowledge that was and is collected during these studies have already resulted in several patents and equipment design and valuable know-how.

The companies and partners which have already shown serious interest in the EFC process and for which TU Delft and EFCseparations BV executed (and still is executing) different studies are coming from the following sectors:

- Oil & Gas industry
- Waste incineration
- Various chemical industries
- Recycling industry
- Agriculture
- Mining companies
- Research institutes

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