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What do we do?

What do we do?

EFC Separations BV is specialized in gathering, using and providing information on the eutectic freeze crystallization process and its integration within wastewater treatment and product recovery operations.

Feasibility studies

We can perform all types of feasibility studies for clients interested in the application of the EFC process to their specific aqueous stream. These studies may include characterizing the crystallization products, process behavior, energy requirements and process integration possibilities. The work can be experimental or theoretical in nature, but most often a combination is required to obtain the best results.

What do we do?
We perform experimental studies on the EFC process at different scales, ranging from 1 liter batch experiments to continuous tests in our unique EFC-pilot-plant. For this purpose a fully mobile, skid-mounted pilot facility is available for on-site testing. It is, of course, also possible to perform these studies at our laboratory facilities in Delft with industrial solutions provided by the client or by using synthetic solutions based on analysis of the original solution.

We can also perform a broad range of water analysis (e.g. ICP-AES, ICP-MS, Ion chromatography, etc.) in our laboratory.

What do we do?
Process development

Over the years many companies and institutes from a wide range of industrial sectors (varying from pig manure processing and metal recycling to fossil fuel production) have shown interest in the application of the EFC process. Although many of these EFC-applications are still under development all these collaborations with industry have resulted in wide-ranging know-how and a thorough understanding of the needs of these clients. We are therefore capable of providing each potential client with accurate and sound propositions on how the EFC process can be beneficial for them. We can also advice clients on the possibilities of similar technologies like cooling and freeze crystallization and help them to find the best solution for their problem. 

Experimental set-up production
What do we do?

EFCseparations BV has already provided several companies and research institutes with custom designed experimental set-ups to study eutectic freeze crystallization at laboratory scale. We can completely design and construct set-ups that meet the demands of the client. These set-ups can be used to investigate the crystallization behavior, product qualities, heat transfer aspects and more for any given solution at 1 L up to pilot-plant scale equipment for continuous treatment. All this at temperatures ranging from + 50 to -50 degrees Celcius.

Industrial Equipment design

We have designed large scale EFC crystallizers of which the projected capacity ranges from 1 to 5 t/h. Our (patented) scraped heat exchangers are designed to have very high specific heat transfer rates with a minimal of ice/salt scaling. The EFC crystallizer is especially optimized for the simultaneous production of ice and salt.

What do we do?


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